Wrath of the Titans

Character Design | Concept Creation

What would mythological creatures look like if all was known about them was their silhouette and a basic visual premise?

How disturbed could they have really been? Take the CYCLOPS, tall, thick set, one eye. Could that eye of been something else, interpreted through hear say as an eye? Villagers remember the shapes, the silhouette but what true horrors could they hold.

That was my goal for Wrath of The Titans, take each mythological creature to the sheer edge of horror. My Cyclops has bones on the outside of his distorted face, my Minotaur suffered from elephantiasis. My two headed Chimera was terror personified.

Wrath of The Titans was a family movie so these designs where to be heavily adapted for that market, but they started here. To explore this realm of fantasy you have to understand these foundations; in this case the foundations are here to see. Disturbed, visceral, beautiful creatures of the shadows.

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