Hellraiser Origins

Concept / Lead Artist / Creative Director

What started as my art challenge became an obsession.

Esoteric , occult imagery, biblical, neolithic landscapes. The birth of heaven and hell wrapped up in a single design. From there grew a new world. A new playground for gods of old flesh. From there grew a collective of like minded
individuals that came together to showcase this glimpse of the unknown.

I deciphered the new world, de-constructed and reconstructed its foundations, its physical and metaphysical laws. Took it from concept to completion. Put together a team, we built the set. Created the costume. The prosthetics for the high priest were cast, then there was blood. Lots of blood. Gallons of blood poured over a 100 semi naked bodies as they writhed around in agony and pleasure.

A teaser , shot to showcase, add to and enhance the world created.

I am talking about a re-imagining, a re-birth, a unique ‘fan made’ homage to a world and movie that had inspired generations of artists and film-makers. The movie ..Clive Barkers legendary ‘Hellraiser’.

What I constructed was a new take on the franchise . A character inspired by the High Priest himself but in fact a entirely new being . An earlier incarnation , much earlier. I constructed a world where men were but raw creatures, they were but a corrosive eclectic mix of earth primordial sperm. Raw in sight, raw in emotion. From jelly fish skinned children to insect infused women.

This would be a world unlike anything anyone has ever seen. At the heart of it all, at the centre of a giant maze citadel. A citadel made from skin and cartilage, still twitching , still alive.. a high priest.

The bones of Gods dead beast wrapped around his torso. His heart exposed for all to experience. Black granite nails protrude from his scarred head, a scar that pre-dates all life on earth. Nails that serve to unbalance his frequency.

He stands in his dark water chamber among the sea of victims. Overlooked and overshadowed by but one entity, a construct that defies the laws of physics and the laws of any man. The ever shifted , ever evolving and
de-evolving God of the labyrinth.

In this world would be many a tale to tell. A layered universe of imagery and symbolism. Every concept, every design, every character would be a story upon itself. I wanted every line, shape and construct to have meaning. Nothing
would be created without meaning!. Neolithic shaped stones link us to an ancient race. The very style of the weapons would be etched in occult overtones. The symbolic flower shape of the God and his seeds before him.

Created by Paul Gerrard  / Directed by Mike Le Han

Cinematography by Robert Shacklady

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