Company of Shadows

Paul Gerrard's first 120+ page art book.

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Delve into the mind of Paul Gerrard

Regarded as one of the leading and most unique character and creature designers in the movie industry today, his alien designs where at the forefront of the hugely successful Battle L.A., and set the foundations for Wrath of the Titans, TMNT and The Shannara Chronicles.

Company of Shadows is a 120+ page art book exploring an epic selection of his own personal and movie characters. Discover what really goes into creating these beasts of science fiction and horror. How he uses submliminal imagery in his work, symbol meditation and much more. Each character beholds a wealth of information and insight into this dark realm of imagination, accompanied by the artists own notes … it will become clear that these horrors are bordering on spiritual desolation.

The book also contains an in-depth exploration of the ‘Hellraiser Origins’ project, created/produced by Paul Gerrard in 2012. Its characters stories, back stories and never before seen artwork. The story to re-imagine an iconic horror legend.


Paul Gerrard is an artist that transcend both the sf and horror genres, resulting in some gleefully insane amalgamations that are at once repulsive and yet strangely intriguing, attractive even. Monochrome hues clash with technicolour brightness, encapsulating a nightmarish inversion of all that is safe and right.
-Nexus Magazine

“Accompanying each character is a fascinatingly written outline of that characters origins, past/present, and/or future, which really adds to its jaw dropping unearthly visuals. I have read and had my mind and psyche devour and absorb these pages over and over again. The images and the symbols found within, resonate in your subconscious well after putting it down. Paul Gerrard is best known for his work in Battle: Los Angeles, Wrath of the Titans, and even the new blockbuster hit TMNT, but I believe he will now be best known for his masterpiece, The Company of Shadows.”

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