Battle L.A.

Character Design / Creature Conceptual Design

“if you can imagine taking the nightmares of Giger and the dystopian scope of Beksinski one step further , then you can imagine the work of Paul Gerrard”

-Jonathan Liebesman Film Director ( Ninja Turtles, , Battle Los Angeles, Shannara Chronicles)

Battle LA was my first foray into working on movies. My art struck a cord with the Director so much so that I was given free reign when designing the alien species and its tech. We worked relentlessly on pitch artwork to get the movie green lit then onwards to pre and post production design/artwork.

At the heart of my design was a core fear of THE GREY coupled with the human connection with death. Exploring imagery that triggers that fear , facial and body shapes formed from human tumas and cancerous growths ( see early sketches ). Coupled with a beautifully realised biomachanical fused state. Note in my designs that there is little distinction between the body and the machine, a future of soft tissue metal and hardened flesh. In the movie this was broken down to a simpler render, machine parts attached to the body section.

To do this day the Director and I continue to work together pushing the boundaries of machine and flesh, science fiction and horror.

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