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“if you can imagine taking the nightmares of Giger and the dystopian scope of Beksinski one step further , then you can imagine the work of Paul Gerrard”

Jonathan Liebesman

Film Director ( Ninja Turtles, , Battle Los Angeles, Shannara Chronicles)

Described by INTERZONE magazine as a successor to Giger himself..

“Paul Gerrard is an artist that¬† transcend both the sf and horror genres, resulting in some gleefully insane amalgamations that are at once repulsive and yet strangely intriguing, attractive even.¬† Monochrome hues clash with technicolour brightness, encapsulating a nightmarish inversion of all that is safe and right.”

Interzone Magazine

‘It’s all about blending spiritual thinking with the man machine and the aesthetic of body horror.’

Daniel Kalder